Our story so far…

Founded in 1984, our commitment to improving lives and delivering social value remains stronger than ever.

In 2020, we underwent a significant transformation by becoming one of the largest employee-owned public service providers in the UK and Ireland.

An employee-owned company

We continually pride ourselves on our sense of community, both within the incredible work we do throughout the UK and Ireland and internally with our employee-owners.

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Our values

The foundations of our business.

To ensure we meet our customers’ highest standards and provide ethical, responsible and sustainable solutions, all of our services adhere to both our company and social values.

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Our people

At Seetec our people are not here by chance but by choice. As an employee-owned business, we have a shared passion for social values, innovative solutions and ethical leadership across our organisation. With social responsibility always in mind, everyone at Seetec holds a high level of dedication and awareness of their duty to the improvement of lives. View the profiles below for more information or to get in contact with our senior leadership team.

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