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With customers at the heart of our delivery, we co-design and evaluate our services around their needs; working tirelessly to support their aspirations. Take a look at our reviews to find out just how much of a difference our services have made to their lives.

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1 month ago

Seetec continue to be very helpful and provided me with support when I need it!

Graham, Manchester

1 month ago

My time spent with Seetec was great! I can't fault the centre at all.

Simon, Bury St Edmunds

1 month ago

Helpful, friendly and approachable assessors from the very start.

Anonymous, Peterborough

2 months ago

The staff were all really helpful.

Eden, Lewisham

2 months ago

The centre seemed well organised, which was nice and reassuring to see, although they didn't cater as well as they could have possibly done to me once I had found a contract.

Mark, Romford

3 months ago

I received excellent service whilst at Seetec. I found the staff to be very helpful and had an overall good experience during my time there.

Andrew, Grays

3 months ago

Great level of communication, good information and support with our qualification.

Mary, ADM Computing, Canterbury

3 months ago

I didn't enjoy my experience at Seetec as they made me apply for minimum wage jobs. To this day, I still do not understand why.

Phillip, Lewisham

4 months ago

I received helpful and supportive advice from Seetec.

Laura, Lewisham

4 months ago

Seetec were absolutely brilliant - they were really there for me and encouraged me to pursue my career.

Winston, Manchester