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Downing Street Announces Review Into The Future UK Labour Market

Insights News 12 May 2022

The Prime Minister has appointed Matt Warman MP to look at the short and medium-term barriers facing the labour market. He has also been tasked to understand future impacts, including the challenge of automation, the need for local labour markets to deliver further quality employment and the role of skills development in helping to upskill the current and future workforce to contribute to economic growth.

Ian Porée, employee owner and Chief Executive of Seetec, has responded to the Prime Minister’s ‘Future of Work’ review announcement:

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement that the Government is going to examine the future impacts on the UK labour market. Seetec is keen for the Government to take a longer-term view in terms of shaping interventions in the labour market to stimulate job creation, to provide young people with effective skills pathways into employment and to ensure economic growth is spread more evenly across the UK as part of the Levelling Up agenda. This announcement comes at a time when the cost of living and slower than predicted growth in the economy is a cause for concern – we can ill-afford the recovery from COVID-19 to stall as that will impact disadvantaged communities the most.

“The labour market has gone through a period of turbulence during the pandemic and it will be further impacted by automation and technological changes. Focusing on what barriers and opportunities will manifest in the labour market will help to build resilience in the economy.”


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