Employee owners changing lives for the people and places we serve

We have embedded a new culture that furthers our commitment to enable people to realise their life ambitions, offering opportunities to upskill, re-skill or address underlying wellbeing issues preventing them from succeeding. This shift took place in January 2020, when Seetec became one of the largest employee-owned companies in the UK and Ireland.

“As we progress on our employee ownership journey, our people are empowered to create agile and responsive solutions to improve the support we provide in communities across the UK and Ireland. We are united in our passion for changing lives, supporting people to take ownership and responsibility over their future.”

John Baumback, Seetec Group Chief Executive Officer

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Having set up an Employee Ownership Trust, our entire workforce now collectively owns 51% of the Seetec business. Our employees are our future, and now they also hold the future of Seetec in their hands, all playing an important role in shaping where we go next. With our employees in a position that can drive real change and sustain our impressively high standards, we ensure both our independence is protected, as well as that of our common goal…

To create lasting, meaningful social value for the people, businesses and communities we serve.

Seetec employee ownership protects the group’s values and presence in communities across the UK and Ireland. We began as a charity, and our ethos has remained unchanged since the day we opened our doors. To empower people and deliver social value.

With this goal hardwired into our culture, it is what ultimately drives our vision for success.

Our employees know, understand and continually embed our values in all that they do – there is no team better than them to take ownership of the company.

“It is my hope that as empowered, enabled and engaged co-owners, we can drive even better quality and outcomes for people who use our services. Seetec was founded to help people take ownership and responsibility over their lives and it is therefore a logical step for Seetec’s employees to take on ownership of the business.”

Peter Cooper, Seetec Founder

More than 35 years ago, 30 unemployed young people came to a former primary school in Essex to learn IT skills from Seetec trainers. From our humble beginnings to the present day, our aim has been to change lives for the better. We now help hundreds of thousands of people find work, learn new skills and make more positive choices in their lives.

Under Seetec’s employee ownership, we want to continue our legacy of growth. We want to represent an alternative way of creating wealth by delivering social value, rewarding each other for doing good for the people and communities we serve.

“As shareholders in our collective success, with new accountabilities and responsibilities, we have an opportunity to create value not just as employee-owners, but for the communities and clients we serve.”

John Baumback, Seetec Group Chief Executive Officer

This move brings greater diversity and choice for our customers and commissioners.

Seetec joins a growing movement of businesses looking for different ways to deliver greater economic and social value for the customers and communities we serve. We are the 16th largest employee-owned company in the UK and Ireland and a Trustee Member of the Employee Ownership Association.

Our employees are now part of something much bigger, their voices continue to be heard and together our commitment to deliver better will help both our team and the communities we serve flourish now and in the future.

“I welcome Seetec’s move to employee ownership. Employee-owned businesses are united by an ethos that puts people first, involving the workforce in key decision-making and realising the potential and commitment of their employees. They create profit with purpose, put people at the heart of the organisation and are characterised by high productivity, greater levels of innovation and higher resilience to economic turbulence.”

Sir Charlie Mayfield, President of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA)

We’ve chosen a trust model to help our employees shape our future. This means that our team, via the employee council elect a colleague to the Board of the Employee Ownership Trust.

The Employee Council includes representatives such as frontline probation workers, employment coaches and trainers from a cross-section of our business in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Directors continue to be responsible for the day-to-day management of Seetec, but we have formal structures to ensure lines of accountability and influence for all employees.

Below are just a few examples of the many benefits of shift into the employee-ownership model:

  • A vibrant and different model for achieving success;
  • more employee engagement, feedback and communication;
  • higher performing workforce with increased dedication;
  • a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and;
  • recruiting and retaining better talent.


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