United together in our passion for changing lives and building better futures.

In January 2020 Seetec became employee-owned, giving us, its employees, the responsibility to guide our business and shape its future.

Our goal is to support the communities and individuals we work with to ensure that they succeed and prosper. When they are successful, so are we.

Their success enables us to invest in what matters most to us – creating long lasting positive change for the people and places we serve.

“As shareholders in our collective success, we create value not just as employee-owners, but for the communities and clients we serve.”

– John Baumback, Executive Chairman, Seetec Group

More on our employee ownership

We believe employee-ownership is fundamental to the work we do, with the majority of our business in the hands of our employee-owners thanks to our Trust.

Acting on behalf of our employee-owners, our Trust Board is comprised of an elected employee-representative and shareholders of the business – helping to guide the future direction of our business.

“When we all participate and bring our wisdom and contributions to decision making, it creates better overall performance and improved outcomes for the individuals and communities with whom we work. That’s at the heart of our values at Seetec and what we all want to see.”

– Harriet Kelly, Employee Trustee Director for Seetec

Becoming employee-owned has changed our future for the better and empowered us to continue supporting others in building better futures for themselves.

We work with people across the UK and Ireland to identify the support and skills they need to improve their lives and exceed their ambitions – building their confidence and capability to become active members of their communities.

Our aim has always been, and will always be, to change lives for the better.

Founded over 35 years ago as a small charity teaching IT skills to unemployed young people, our work now supports hundreds of thousands of individuals across the UK and Ireland to find work, learn new skills and build better futures.

As employee-owners, we’re now looking to drive further improvements and continue to provide enduring positive outcomes for the people and communities we serve.

“Seetec was founded to help people take ownership and responsibility over their lives. It was a logical step for colleagues to take on ownership of the business.”

– Peter Cooper, Seetec Founder

We’re proud to join a growing movement of businesses looking for new ways to deliver greater economic and social value to the individuals and communities that we serve.

As one of the largest employee-owned companies and public service providers in the UK, we offer greater diversity and choice for commissioners seeking expertise from private sector organisations.

“Employee-owned businesses create profit with purpose, put people at the heart of the organisation and are characterised by high productivity, greater levels of innovation and higher resilience to economic turbulence.”

– Sir Charlie Mayfield, President of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA)

You can discover more of the benefits of employee-ownership by visiting the Employee Ownership Association website.