Skills, training and support services that empower

We’re an employee-owned business that supports and empowers people across the UK and Ireland to improve their lives and build better futures.

By identifying the support and skills individuals need to build their confidence and capability, we empower them to improve their lives, exceed their ambitions and become active members of their communities.

Having a say in our business

We believe employee-ownership is fundamental to the work we do, with the majority of our business in the hands of our 2,400 employee-owners who are best placed to generated positive outcomes for individuals and communities alike.

The majority of our business is in our hands thanks to our Trust, which acts on behalf of our employee-owners. Our Trust Board is comprised of an elected employee-representative and shareholders of the business – helping to guide the future direction of our business.

As employee-owners, our interests are in the success of the people and communities that we support. When they succeed, so do we. Their success enables us to invest in what matters most to us – creating long lasting positive change for the people and places we serve.

Join us.


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