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COP26 – The Building Blocks for a More Sustainable Future

News 31 October 2021

World leaders, captains of industry, scientists and international representatives from across civil society are gathering in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The UK Presidency is an opportunity to shine a light on what governments and businesses must do to meet net zero, alongside our own Government’s 2050 commitment, but also move forward with shared plans for a greener economic model that takes advantage of the opportunities for growth and productivity that could be achieved as part of the global post-COVID recovery. Making progress to curb climate change through an international focus on enhancing opportunity and prosperity, through, for example, skilling people to access innovative green ventures, is an exciting prospect that should be seized upon by COP26 delegates.

Ian Porée, our Chief Executive Officer, has welcomed the commencement of COP26:

“We all share a responsibility to work towards meeting far more meaningful environmental sustainability goals. There should be no debate about the consequences of doing nothing to address climate change. Future generations will have to carry the burden if we do not act to address the impact on our environment today.

“It is our generation that must make decisive progress. COP26 is also an important opportunity to develop a new consensus towards building a global economy that puts the green agenda at the heart of plans for the future.

“Building this consensus around a skills base fit for the 21st century is good for the economy and society as a whole if a green jobs-led focus is given the investment required to make a difference. The Government’s previous commitments to create 250,000 jobs as part of the green industrial revolution and the 2050 net zero target have been welcome steps forward, but these plans alone will not signal the step change needed to reorientate the British economy to meet the sustainability challenge. It is also up to the business community to embrace this change. As a certified B Corp and an employee-owned business group, I know my colleagues want to do more as part of a wider social movement to encourage businesses to think differently. We at Seetec are working to meet the net zero target by not only reducing our carbon footprint, but also developing new social pledges around environmental sustainability to meet the challenge.

“Only by collective action can we be confident that our present stewardship of the environment will lead to us handing over a more positive legacy. COP26 could signal a renewed sense of purpose and an injection of momentum to confront climate change, so that future generations are not forced to act as a result of our indecision.”