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Seetec boosts justice and social care offer with the launch of Interventions Alliance

News 17 March 2021

Seetec boosts justice and social care offer with the launch of Interventions Alliance – a new business division aiming to build better futures and improve wellbeing.

Seetec, one of the largest employee-owned providers of employment, skills and probation services, is unveiling a new offer to address some of the longer-term issues faced in the criminal justice system and social care sector in the UK.

Interventions Alliance will replace Seetec Justice on 17 March this year. This new division, within the business group, aims to expand Seetec’s role in tackling the all too common social care challenges individuals and organisations face in the criminal justice system. The immediate priorities will be to address the impact of substance misuse, mental ill-health, provide better accommodation for people with complex needs and improve social care provision as individuals continue on their journey to rehabilitation. Interventions Alliance aims to collaborate with colleagues across both sectors to deliver change, embracing innovation to deliver a new first-class thought-leading provision to bridge the gap in the justice and social care sectors.

An evidence-led approach will be one of the cornerstones of the new offer. A dedicated Research Unit will collect evidence to inform best practice on-the-ground to help shape and influence the design of the specific service’s interventions it builds with partners and commissioners. At the heart of the Interventions Alliance brand is a commitment to the social inclusion agenda, improving outcomes in the criminal justice system and social care sector will benefit the communities it serves.

This new offer is supported by a strong track record. Known for the quality of its delivery, the Seetec Group is already experienced at delivering services to unlock people’s potential. Seetec currently supervises 19,100 offenders in the South-East and South-West of England and delivers programmes and support to people on probation in Wales to help them turn their back on crime. The work tackles people’s harmful behaviours, improves their wellbeing, skills and life-chances. Established in 2015, its community rehabilitation company was hailed by Robert Buckland, the then Minister of State for Justice, who is now the Lord Chancellor, as “…an example of how best practice has been achieved…” during a House of Commons debate in 2019.

Seetec also delivers work inside five prisons to improve employment outcomes for those released.

Interventions Alliance believes that no one should be left behind and is dedicated to transforming lives and supporting communities. Its new strategy is equally weighted towards prevention, rehabilitation and recovery as its three core strands of focus that all current and future services will be aiming to enhance when attempting to deliver better outcomes. It is important that everyone has the best opportunity in life to build a better future, no matter their past choices or wellbeing challenges.

Suki Binning, Executive Director of Justice and Social Care and the Group’s lead Social Worker, commented:

It’s time to bridge the gap between justice and social care provision to ensure individuals are given the support they need to achieve their full potential. The strategic focus that sits behind everything Interventions Alliance will do is a commitment to transforming lives through an evidence-led approach. We are expanding our reach because we believe that social care provision in the criminal justice system needs to be enhanced to meet the complex needs of the many vulnerable people within it. Our holistic approach aims to prevent individuals from becoming trapped in a cycle of criminality.

"The launch of Interventions Alliance marks an important milestone in our journey to help change society for the better. We have the expertise and experience to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issues confronted daily in the criminal justice system and social care sector. Our joined-up and collaborative approach to delivery is focused on working tirelessly to ensure that individuals, of all abilities and backgrounds, can achieve a better life.

In the coming months, there will be further announcements as Interventions Alliance commences the delivery of new contracts for the Ministry of Justice. Later this year, Interventions Alliance will open five new CFO Activity Hubs in the North West, South East and South West of England to deliver support to help offenders reintegrate back into their communities. From June, the service will also begin operating a new resettlement home in Bristol for women returning to the community after serving time in prison.